Thursday, January 31, 2008

Homeowners say New Urbanism front porches make better neighbors and neighborhoods

When garages became part of home design, front porches got left out. The architecture movement called New Urbanism seeks to reverse that trend, and there are plenty of front-porch fans in Prescott, Ariz.

Ken Hedler of The Daily Courier in Prescott reports, "The homeowners sit on their front porches - at least when the weather is warmer - and strike up conversations with neighbors and other passersby," Hedler writes of locals such as Linda and Ron Woodward (above, in a Courier photo by Jo L. Keener). "Their porches feature porch swings, rocking and wicker chairs, and other furniture."

Lora Lee Nye, a councilwoman in the town of 34,000, told Hedler front porches and pedestrian-friendly streets make for safer neighborhoods. "The planners and designers are indirectly responsible for increasing the crime rate," Nye said of a lack of front porches. "Of course, that was not their intent. That is the result." (Read more)

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