Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Ky. journalists keep drawing attention to diabetes

In January, the Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues hosted the Kentucky Diabetes Summit to bring together newspaper representatives from the state's 20 most diabetic counties. Some of those newspapers have been highlighting diabetes and offering advice about preventing and treating the disease.

Last week, the Casey County News in Liberty wrapped up a four-part series called "Unite in the fight against diabetes." In the third part of the series, editor Donna Carman profiled a three-year-old coping with juvenile diabetes. A sidebar addressed myths surrounding diabetes
In the fourth part, Carman profiled a woman who went from Type 2 diabetes to Type 1 and in doing so presents the symptoms and treatment of diabetes, the importance of screening, and educational classes and support groups available. (The first and second parts, by Brittany Emerson, are available here and here.)

The Middlesboro Daily News also has started a series. In its second installment last week, Tabitha Webb answered common questions about diabetes. "Knowing about diabetes is one of the first steps in understanding what can be done to fight this chronic disease that is so prevalent in Bell County," Webb writes. "The Daily News cares about its readers. Visit your healthcare professional and ask the important questions. Listen to what they have to say, follow their recommendations. Diabetes is a serious disease but it is controllable." (Read more)

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