Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bible Park USA to be built in Tennessee town

Lebanon, Tenn., just east of Nashville on Interstate 40, will be the site of Bible Park USA, a $175 million theme park, local officials and Entertainment Design Group of North Hollywood, Calif., announced Thursday. The park "is expected to employ 250 full-time workers and 1,000 seasonal workers," writes J.R. Lind of The Lebanon Democrat.

If the city council and the Wilson County Commission agree, "The park will be financed using tax-incremental financing (TIF) and by implementing a tourism development zone (TDZ)," Lind reports. "Under a TIF plan, the increase in property taxes that come as the result of new construction and improvements help pay for the cost of construction. TDZ designation allows a 5 percent privilege tax to be implemented within the bounds of the park, with those tax dollars paying bonds, as well."

The developers say the park will be a non-denominational, Bible-based themed attraction depicting well loved Bible stories and providing an authentic historical representation of life in ancient times in the Holy Land. It was originally slated for Rutherford County, just to the south on Interstate 24, but "The Rutherford County Commission rejected zoning changes to allow the park to be built in the Blackman community," Lind writes. "The land in Lebanon has already been rezoned." Lebanon has about 25,000 people, Wilson County about 100,000. The announcement generated many comments on Lind's story; one reader said "Praise the Lord" but another said "This is complete blashphemy and a waste of good land!" (Read more)


Anonymous said...

This money will be spent like the Mormans Temple and just another Idol, that our child wont understand in the furture, God have some grace on them??????

Dillard Munsell said...

Another waste of money???? God have some Grace on you who are charge.

Anonymous said...

I personally think the Bible Theme Park is a great idea. It will give some people knowledge and experience that they might not otherwise get in a traditional way. Children will love it. I believe it will be great for the economy for Wilson county, and with so many layoffs, it will create new jobs. I believe that it will bring new business and countless tourist to Wilson County that might other wise just go on to Gatlinburg. I say Praise the Lord and let's get on with it!