Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coal company loses water contamination suit

Several families in Eastern Kentucky have been awarded a $650,000 settlement after a jury determined that a coal company had contributed to the contamination of their water supplies. An underground coal mine in the vicinity of the families' homes caused the contamination.

Cassondra Kirby-Mullins of the Lexington Herald-Leader writes, "The families, who live in Camp Branch in Letcher County, filed the lawsuit after a two-year state investigation concluded that the mine, operated by Golden Oak Mining Company, did not cause the contamination. Golden Oak closed the mine in 1997 and filed for protection under 1bankruptcy laws."

Kirby-Mullins adds, "In all, the water supplies of 100 families were affected by the mine. Other lawsuits have been settled privately or are pending." (Read more)

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