Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Vermont plays 'matchmaker' for farmers, buyers

In an attempt to find buyers for their produce, some Vermont farmers are turning to an unlikely source for inspiration: speed-dating. A "matchmaker" event sponsored by the state's Agency of Agriculture, scheduled for tomorrow, hopes to help expand the market for locally grown produce by helping producers connect with buyers based on mutual need and scope of project.

"The farmers will get 10 minutes each with individual buyers, to pitch what they grow and hear the needs of vendors like Shaw's and Hannaford Bros. supermarkets, food cooperatives and colleges," writes Lisa Rathke of The Associated Press. Farmers will learn what type of produce is needed, and how much, while buyers who use a limited number of suppliers will get a chance to see what others are available.

Participants hope the event will provide opportunities for new business partnerships. "I thought it was just going to be produce companies," said Joe Buley, owner of Screamin' Ridge Farm, looking at the buyers participating in the program. "Instead what I'm seeing is it's an awful of direct vending straight to the actual customers, which is excellent." (Read more)

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well, if you're disabled u have it pretty tough in the dating game