Wednesday, March 11, 2009

EPA steps up response to coal ash threat

More information is emerging about the Environmental Protection Agency's growing response to coal ash and its potential threat to human and environmental health. "The EPA plans to gather coal ash impoundment information from electric utilities nationwide, conduct on-site assessments to determine structural integrity and vulnerabilities, order cleanup and repairs where needed, and develop new regulations for future safety," reports the Environmental News Service. (Tennessee Valley Authority photo shows cleanup of ash spill at TVA plant)

As reported here the Obama administration plans to have regulations on coal ash impoundments in place by the end of the year, despite opposition from the coal industry. In the meantime the, "EPA will review the information provided by the facilities to identify impoundments or similar units that need priority attention," writes ENS. "EPA also will visit many of these facilities to see first hand if the management units are structurally sound." (Read more)

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