Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Obama targets Bush rule on endangered species

Another part of the eleventh-hour regulations by the Bush administration, rolling back environmental safeguards, is set to be undone. "The regulation lifted longstanding requirements that agencies contemplating actions that might affect endangered species consult with scientists from the Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Marine Fisheries Service and to take their guidance into account," reports Cornelia Dean of The New York Times.

President Obama announced a review of the Bush aregulation at an event to mark the 150th Anniversary of the Department of the Interior. The president said it was “false” to say people must choose between economic growth and environmental protection. Further claiming that, "agencies must return to the former practice of seeking and acting on scientific advice."

"A rider undoing the Bush change has been attached to the budget bill, and if it passes, the change would be undone," writes Dean. There is also a bill that would reinforce the Bush administration's changes. Republicans are claiming that reverting to the previous standards could slow many projects created by the stimulus package. (Read more)

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