Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Utah town prefers U.S. 'pork' to Mormon crickets

Earmark spending in the $410 billion ominbus spending bill passed last week has been strongly criticized by members of both parties. But in many cases small rural communities have no other hope for dealing with problems facing their communities. That is the case in Grouse Creek, Utah, population 80. (Katie Madonia photo)

"Each of the past four summers, the hungry critters known as Mormon crickets have marched by the tens of thousands over grassy hillsides, past juniper trees, across dirt roads and through ranch houses," reports Philip Rucker of The Washington Post. "The noisy insects have devoured crops, frightened children and threatened families' livelihoods in the tranquil high desert." To view video of Mormon crickets invading Utah click here.

Grouse Creek is due to receive $1 million from an earmark to help kill the insects. Many have pointed to the budget line as "an egregious example of government spending, but to Grouse Creek, the earmark is salvation," writes Rucker. Earmark spending represented 2 percent of the onmibus spending bill. (Read more)

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rscrvc said...

I think, as a pet chicken owner, that the killing of these crickets ought to be done by shipping in chickens, loosing them on the mad mass, and then everyone would be happy, chickens included!