Thursday, May 14, 2009

Amendment would allow guns in national parks

The Senate approved an amendment allowing firearms in national parks if the owner is legally allowed to carry them elsewhere and no other federal, state or local laws prohibit it. The decision follows a last-minute Bush administration decision allowing loaded handguns in the parks, which was blocked by a federal judge in March.

''If an American citizen has a right to carry a firearm in their state, it makes no sense to treat them like a criminal if they pass through a national park while in possession of a firearm,'' said Sen. Tom Coburn, the Oklahoma Republican who sponsored the bill. But Bryan Faehner, associate director of the National Parks Conservation Association, told The Associated Press that if the amendment becomes law, "'it would not only put park visitors and wildlife at risk, it would change the character and the peaceful and safe atmosphere in our parks." Hunting is not allowed in the parks. (Read more)

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Laudvette said...

It's about time. Anti gun people are so stupid to think licenced law biding citizens caused 450 rapes, attacks, and robberies in 2008 in the "safe environment" of the Natl Parks? They could only wish that a CCW holder was nearby. Of course we know they don't scream for help until it's too late. I personally carry ALL the time and hike the trails of western N.C. I have only drawn it in twice in 20 years. Once for a guy attacking a girl and the other for a thief that was stealing and then came at us with a knife. Both times I didn't have to fire and both times was able to hold them until authorities arrived. Both times the Rangers thanked me and "looked the other way". So don't give me your crap about how we're dangerous and disrupt the peaceful tranquility of the parks. You are a wimp and a two-faced idiot.