Friday, May 01, 2009

Farms and ranches are major hosts of wildlife

Cattle farmers and ranchers are a major host of wildlife, with 88 percent surveyed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture reporting they own areas that support wildlife, and more than half saying they have seen an increase in wildlife over the past decade. Heather Johnson, of the Fish and Wildlife Services's Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, told Western Farm Press, "Farmers and ranchers provide quality, protein-rich food for our families while at the same time creating safe havens for fish and wildlife species. That's a win-win for wildlife and for sustainable agriculture -- and most certainly cause to celebrate."

Johnson says that the survey results point to farmers' and ranchers' care for the land: "No one is more passionate about the environment than ranchers working to increase the quality of their grass and water, for both their cattle and the fish and wildlife that call their operations home. These private landowners love the land and have a strong environmental stewardship ethic that they pass on from generation to generation." (Read more)

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