Friday, May 01, 2009

Family farming sees resurgence, Ohio paper finds

Family ties and new technology are two key factors in getting younger generations to join family farming operations, and trends point to a resurgence in family farming. "Between the two, today's farm may be smaller, but it is more efficient, production is higher, and it is attracting more of its young people back to farming, according to local agricultural experts," writes Connie Cartmell in the The Marietta Times. in southeastern Ohio. Those experts say they're seeing a resurgence in young farmers throughout the area, and Cartmell's piece profiles several family farmers in the community.

Working close to home is another perk attracting younger farmers to the business. "Working on the farm, I don't have to make a special time for my family after work. I'm with them all the time," said 36-year-old Christie Haines, who co-owns a farm with her parents. "You get way more than 40 hours a week, but you don't have a commute or worry about day care." (Read more)

What's the state of family farming in your community? There are stories to be told.

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