Friday, May 15, 2009

Maine bans crates for farm animals; Ohio Farm Bureau creates unit to fight ban proposed there

Maine has become the sixth state to ban gestation crates for pregnant animals and veal calves. Gov. John Baldacci signed the bill after it passed the legiuslature unanimously. reports that California, Colorado, Florida, Arizona and Oregon have "passed similar reforms." (Read more)

A battle is shaping up for a referendum in Ohio much like the one last year in California. The Ohio Farm Bureau says it has created the Center for Food and Animal Issues to "to protect people’s opportunity for choice, good common sense and very effective animal care in working with this relationship between people and animals, but our bottom line is that people come first.” For a report from Dave Russell of Brownfield Network, click here.

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Anonymous said...

I raised beef cattle for some years -- had to sell out because of alabama drought, but i have a large flock of sheep and herd of goats. cage raising veal and other meat animals is only part of the problem. the antibiotic feed they get makes the meat bad for you. raising a calf in a cage is raising it under cruel conditions.