Friday, July 03, 2009

Pipeline firm says it shipped first blended biodiesel

"The first commercial pipeline load of blended biodiesel fuel ever shipped in the United States was sent to Roanoke and Athens, Ga., last week," Jeff Sturgeon reports for The Roanoke Times, citing a spokeswoman for Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, a Texas pipeline company.

"The shipment traveled from Mississippi in the Plantation Pipeline, which routinely carries gasoline and conventional diesel fuel. The special shipment consisted of 15,000 gallons of B5, a blend of 5 percent biodiesel made from plant material and 95 percent petroleum-based diesel, the company said, adding that it was responding to a customer's request.

"It's a very positive development," Jenna Higgins, spokeswoman for the National Biodiesel Board, told Sturgeon. "Biodiesel transport through pipeline has the potential to open new and growing markets for biodiesel." Biodiesel usually moves by truck but sometimes by rail, Sturgeon reports.

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