Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kentucky orchard thriving as agri-tourism grows

Kevan Evans began growing produce in Georgetown, Ky., as a necessity when the tobacco market started turning south in 1994, and now it has turned into a full-scale orchard and agri-tourism destination. "It began with a small vegetable garden and going to the local farmers markets," Evans told columnist Byron Brewer of the Georgetown News-Graphic.

Word of the orchard spread, attracting thousands of visitors a year. An old tobacco barn is now a retail sales area, and what was a shed is now a kitchen that serves lunch to visitors, Brewer reports. The orchard also hosts tours, birthday parties and festivals, and offers live music on the weekends. Evans was one of the first farmers to make use of former Scott County extension agent Mark Reese's agri-tourism plan.

Evans helped found the Central Kentucky Growers Association vegetable cooperative in Georgetown, and progressive farming techniques have contributed to his success. "Sustainable agriculture is a priority in our farming operation, which includes our 12 acres in apples, peaches and pears, two acres in small fruit, plus 30 acres of vegetables," Evans tells Brewer. "And we support our fellow growers as well as the local farmers markets. We go to the local markets five days a week with all of our fruits and vegetables." (Read more)

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