Monday, July 11, 2011

Colo. story shows process for post-office closings; some are spared but have fewer employees

With 2010 losses totaling $8.5 billion and more expected this year, the U. S. Postal Service "is doing all it can to be as efficeint as possible while stopping the financial bleeding," Al DeSarro, the service's Western-area spokesman, told Steve Block of The Trinidad (Colo.) Times Independent for a story on the post office in nearby Model. "We never want to close a post office but sometimes we have to. Our projection is that 2,000 to 3,000 will be closed in the next two to three years.” (MapQuest image; click on it for larger version)

"A Post Office Discontinuance Study . . . takes nine to 10 months," DeSarro said. We examine a post office for volume, number of visits, building lease costs, utilities and employee and transportation costs."

From such studies some post offices will be selected for closure while others will remain open, but perhaps with reduced service. In a letter to Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, a district manager wrote, "The Postal Service occasionally interchanges staff, equipment and other resources in order to reduce operating costs, create greater efficiencies, and make better use of its resources."

The post office in Model is among those that will remain open with a reduction in services. The location will still provide post-office boxes, retail and mail-acceptance services, but starting Sept. 10, mail carriers will no longer work out of the Model post office, but the one in Trinidad, 21 miles away, Block reports. For a story about postmaster retirements and resignations driving closure decisions, click here; for one on Iowa officials' complaints about the process, go here.


Brad Martin, Hickman County Times, Centerville said...

Found the same thing just today for Bon Aqua, Tennessee, in a growing area. "Delivery Unit Optimization" is what it's called, and the communications manager for Tennessee/North Georgia, Beth Barnett, says customers should see no change, since P.O. box and basic counter service remains the same. There are, she says, no plans to close the Bon Aqua Post Office. "Absolutely not," she said this morning. In this case, Bon Aqua carriers will work out of the Lyles Post Office, about 5 miles away; it eliminates a mail drop stop for the trucks.

Al Cross said...

And much the same is true for the office in Midway, Ky. as reported at