Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Scientists say climate change will hurt farming; GOPers reject their consensus humans cause it

Scientists are mapping the impact of climate change on agriculture, and they say it doesn't look promising. Douglas Fischer of The Daily Climate reports experts at the American Geophysical Union have concluded weather "driving many of the globe's great breadbaskets will become hotter, drier and more unpredictable," making farming increasingly difficult. Scientists studied severe drought in East Africa, sediment cores from New York marshes, drought in Australia and the western U.S. to determine this conclusion. Scientists told Fischer other factors adding to climate change's impact on crops include population growth, deforestation, and policy choices.

Scientists caution that simple policy changes can often "blunt a crisis," something to which American farmers, who appear to vote mostly Republican, might want to pay attention. The Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire has released results from a new study which concludes Americans' perception of climate change is influenced by their politics. Democrats are more likely to trust scientists, while only a minority of Republicans trust them. The institute's Lawrence Hamilton said Republicans clearly believe climate change caused mainly by human activity isn't happening. (Read more)

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