Monday, February 06, 2012

Kansas dental groups hope loan repayment program will attract dentists to rural areas

Two Kansas dental groups plan to start a college-loan repayment program that will entice dentists to locate in rural areas of the state. Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation and the Kansas Dental Association will use $150,000 to send three dentists to western Kansas where there is "inadequate coverage by dentists, who often are reluctant to locate in areas without a potential client base sufficient to balance revenues with operation costs and education loans," reports Tim Carpenter of The Capital-Journal.

Participants would have to work in a rural communities for three to four years to receive $50,000 for repaying their student loans. The program was modeled after a similar one in Iowa which indicated that incentives draw dentists to "difficult-to-attract" locations. But with some dental school graduates racking up $165,000 in loans, it's hard to convince them to move to sparsely populated places, and some say adding three dentists a year in places would still not meet demand. Delta Dental and KDA hope to have a list of applicants by May. (Read more)

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