Wednesday, December 12, 2012

University program aims to help rural Kentucky children learn about entrepreneurship

A University of Kentucky program is attempting to teach Kentucky's rural youth about entrepreneurship through web-based and hands-on approaches, Tim Thornberry of Business Lexington reports. E-Discovery Challenge incorporates curriculum and hands-on approaches to apply what students learn to create successful business teams within participating schools, project manager Melony Denham told Thornberry.

E-Discovery Challenge leaders train elementary and middle school teachers to use the program's curriculum in the classroom. After the training, teachers can then use that curriculum in a way that works best for their school schedules. The program consists of nine sessions that can be completed at the time of teachers' choosing during the school year. Classes devise a "business model" during the program that will end with a planned sales event, during which students can make money off of their business venture. Students are given $15 as seed money, which is returned to teachers for the next class, and they get to keep any profit they make and split it among their team members.

The project is in its fourth year and uses an Appalachian Regional Commission grant to operate. It is administered by the university. Denhem told Thornberry that she's encouraged that many teachers will continue the program, and now the focus is on training more teachers so it can reach more students. (Read more)

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