Friday, May 02, 2014

One-third of U.S. residents would move to another state if they could, Gallup finds

Illinois is the least desirable state in which to live, although most residents have no plans to leave, according to a Gallup Organization poll that asked residents in all 50 states if they would leave if they could, if they were planning to move to another state within the next 12 months and what factors would make them seek residency in another state. The poll, which was conducted from June to December 2013 and included surveys from at least 600 adults in each state, found that 33 percent of U.S. residents said they would like to move to another state, but 86 percent said it's unlikely they will in the next 12 months.

While 50 percent of Illinois residents said they would like to leave, 80 percent said it was unlikely they would move within the next year. Right behind Illinois was Connecticut, with 49 percent of residents saying they would like to move, followed by Maryland, 47 percent; Nevada, 43 percent; Rhode Island, 42 percent; New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts, 41 percent; Louisiana, 40 percent; Mississippi, 39 percent; and Indiana, Arizona and Georgia, 38 percent.

Maine, Hawaii and Montana tied for having the most satisfied residents, with only 23 percent saying they would like to move. They were followed by Texas, New Hampshire and Oregon, 24 percent; Colorado and Minnesota, 25 percent; South Dakota, 26 percent; Wyoming, 27 percent, West Virginia, 28 percent, and Wisconsin, Iowa and Idaho, 29 percent.

While many residents said they would like to leave, at least 79 percent of respondents in every state said it's unlikely they will move within the next 12 months, with more than 90 percent in Minnesota, Texas, Iowa, Maine and Vermont saying they have no plans to move in the next year.

Work was the main reason people cited for wanting to move, with 50 percent of Mississippi residents and 49 percent of South Carolina residents answering work/business related for their desire to move. Those states were followed by Louisiana, 39 percent; North Carolina, 37 percent; Arizona, 32 percent; Nevada, 30 percent; Illinois, 26 percent; Idaho, 23 percent; and Connecticut, 21 percent. Overall, 31 percent of respondents chose jobs as the main reason for wanting to move. Family and friends, weather, quality of life, schools, cost of living and taxes were also choices. (Read more)

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