Sunday, May 31, 2015

Schieffer's simple, humble go-outs reflect important principles and realities of journalism

By Al Cross
Director, Institute for Rural Journalism and Community Issues

Bob Schieffer's go-outs on CBS's "Face the Nation" today reflected some realities and principles of journalism that are sometimes forgotten. To the full audience, at the half-hour break, Bob said he would "never forget the trust you placed in me. . . . That meant the world to me. Thank you."

Trust is the coin of the realm in journalism, and in an age of ideological media, those who practice real journalism must always remember that.

Bob also gave thanks in his final shot, to and with the staff of the show. That was a reminder that almost all good journalism is a product of collaboration, which should improve the product partly by keeping out unfairness and bias.

It was also a stroke of humility, which Bob has always displayed, as journalists should. These are lessons from a leader.

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Ken Hedler said...

Al, didn't he attend the session on 35 years after Watergate at the SPJ national convention in D.C. in
2007? I think I snapped a photo of him with journalism students from Western or Eastern Kentucky University.