Monday, August 24, 2015

High corn stalks creating deadly situations at uncontrolled intersections in some rural areas

Rural roads, some of the deadliest in the country, are even more dangerous in some areas now that corn stalks are reaching 10 to 12 feet high, Grayson Schmidt reports for the Ames Tribune. That's why law enforcement officials in rural areas where there are uncontrolled intersections are asking drivers to take extra precautions in reduced visibility areas. Earlier this month four people were killed in two accidents at uncontrolled intersections in Iowa.

Story County, Iowa, engineer Darren Moon said installing stop signs at uncontrolled intersections would be time consuming and costly, with 325 uncontrolled intersections in the county and 22,000 statewide, Schmidt writes. Moon said each sign costs between $100 to $150, which could cost the county between $65,000 to $97,500. Moon also said temporary signs are at risk of being stolen or vandalized in many rural areas. (Read more)

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