Friday, November 20, 2015

Tree stand falls are most common injury to hunters; most of the injured are obese

Tree stand falls are the most common injury to U.S. hunters, says a study by researchers from the Marshfield Clinic, National Farm Medicine Center and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources published in the journal Injury. The main reason is that nearly nine out of every 10 hunters injured from a tree stand fall are obese. Data was mostly unavailable on harness use and blood alcohol levels. Structural failure was reported as the cause of the accident in 18 percent of falls. "Most falls occurred among archery hunters, in the evening and when descending from a tree stand," states the report. (Iowa Department of Natural Resources photo)

The study, which used data from 2009-2013 of patients who received medical care for tree stand falls in rural north-central Wisconsin, found that 39 confirmed tree stand falls—including two deaths—were reported. That's a relatively low number, considering the study area consisted of more than 16,000 hunters and the number of tree stand falls dropped from 6 per every 10,000 hunters in 2009 to 3.6 per every 10,000 hunters in 2013. But with deer hunting season upon us, it's always a good idea to practice safety. For safety tips on using a tree stand click here.

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