Friday, November 06, 2015

Well owners should be reminded to test water

Now is a good time to remind well owners about testing water. The National Ground Water Association's website offers tips on what to test, how to test, how to interpret results and what to do if health risks are discovered. "Testing is important because some substances that present health risks in water are tasteless, odorless and invisible," states NGWA. "Two examples are radon, a gas byproduct of radium decay, and arsenic, a poisonous element found in certain types of rock as well as in certain manmade products. Another example of an imperceptible threat is nitrate, which is often found in fertilizer and a byproduct of animal and human waste."

NGWA's website offers contact information for every county health department in the U.S, links to state websites to find certified drinking water testing labs and information on well maintenance, groundwater protection and water treatment. (Read more)

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