Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Montana TV reporter does fluff pieces about local sheriff, who happens to be her boyfriend

A Montana television reporter who has repeatedly reported fluff pieces on the local sheriff has been actively dating the sheriff for more than a year, Jim Romenesko reports on his blog. Judy Slate, a reporter for KBZK in Bozeman, has reported on Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin participating in a cold-water challenge, touring a high school and even attending a conference in Washington, D.C., that that they apparently went to together. (Facebook photo of reporter Judy Slate and Gallatin County Sheriff Brian Gootkin)

Slate also reported "a story about county commissioners rejecting a dog leash law. After the piece aired, Slate noted on Facebook that 'I got my dogs and my man in my story last night,'” writes Romenesko. A rival Bozeman journalist told Romenesko, “The TV station—the leading TV station here in Bozeman—has become a glorified PR desk for the sheriff. Slate gets to have her pick of time with the sheriff, and her station gets notified of news that otherwise no one would have heard about, like remote traffic accidents in the middle of the night." Slate, Gootkin and KBZK news director John Sherer all refused to speak to Romenesko about the issue. (Read more)

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