Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Washington county votes against legalized pot, setting up showdown between political leaders

Voters in rural Pierce County, Washington (Wikipedia map) voted Tuesday against marijuana sales, a move that could lead "the Pierce County Council to consider reinstating a ban on such businesses that is due to expire July 1," Brynn Grimley reports for The News Tribune of Tacoma. "The results of Tuesday’s vote are non-binding. That means the County Council could let stand its decision to lift its de facto ban, which doesn’t explicitly outlaw marijuana businesses but requires them to comply with federal law that prohibits marijuana sales. Or the council could reverse itself and cancel the ban’s expiration."

It could also set up a showdown with Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy, who has opposed banning legal marijuana, Grimley writes. "If the council votes to reinstate the marijuana-business ban and McCarthy vetoes that action, the seven-member council could again override her veto" with five votes, which is unlikely with three Democrats on the council who have opposed the ban. (read more)

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