Monday, July 18, 2016

Nation's largest proposed wind farm expected to be approved 30 miles off end of Long Island

The nation’s largest offshore wind farm could soon be built in eastern Long Island, Frank Eltman reports for The Associated Press. Thomas Falcone, CEO of the Long Island Power Authority’s board of directors, said the utility is expected on Wednesday to approve the proposed 90-megawatt, 15-turbine wind farm east of Montauk. Falcone said Long Island customers could begin receiving power by the end of 2022. (Flickr image: An offshore wind energy farm)

"The turbines would be placed about 30 miles offshore, putting them over the horizon and out of view of land," Eltman writes. "The project would produce enough energy to power approximately 50,000 homes in the Hamptons. Deepwater’s proposal also includes plans to build two new battery energy storage facilities. The facilities will consist of lithium-ion battery technology designed and installed by General Electric; they will be used when LIPA is facing peak demand for electricity." (Read more)

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