Friday, May 04, 2018

Quick hits: the gender wage gap in rural workers; Utah town harnesses art and architecture to breathe new life to town...

A study from the Center for American Progress examines the gender wage gap in rural workers: "While all rural workers earn lower wages than their nonrural counterparts, new analysis by the Center for American Progress reveals that women of color are among the lowest paid workers in rural areas with rural black and Hispanic women who work full time, year-round making just 56 cents for every dollar that rural white, non-Hispanic men make. . . . These numbers make clear that, regardless of where they live, all women of color are facing substantial economic challenges and that addressing the needs of rural workers requires more than focusing solely on one segment of that workforce."

The struggling hamlet of Green River, Utah, is using art and architecture to bring new energy, life, and economic development to town, PBS reports. Read how here.

Need to research education issues for a story? Education Week has an exhaustively curated bank of essays on almost any school-related topic you can think of. See more here.

Forget Tahiti: how about a trip to Whitesburg? Nonprofit explanatory journalism outlet Yes! Magazine profiles the coal country Kentucky towns working hard to diversify their economy and attract tourists with everything from punk rock concerts to ultramarathons. Read more here.

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