Thursday, July 26, 2018

Trump’s farm bailout to offset trade-war impacts doesn't set well with some Republican lawmakers

President Trump’s $12 billion plan to help farmers hurt by the trade war with China is getting a chilly reception from many congressional Republicans.

The backlash has “raised new questions about how much more typically pro-Trump lawmakers will abide,” Tory Newmyer writes for The Washington Post. “Most have spent months dodging the issue as the president moved to rip up the party’s once-bedrock commitment to freer trade. President Trump appears intent on testing their breaking point. He's ramping up confrontations with the European Union, China and others even as the pain of counter-punching tariffs starts to bite in critical swing states and beyond.”

According to Everett Burgess of Politico, Rep. John Thune, R-S.D., said “Taxpayers are going to be asked to initial checks to farmers in lieu of having a trade policy that actually opens and expands more markets. There isn’t anything about this that anybody should like.” Read more here.

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