Monday, November 19, 2018

Project aims to help rural places create more digital jobs

A new program called the Rural Innovation Initiative wants to help rural communities create and support high-paying digital jobs, either for remote workers or entrepreneurs. It's the brainchild of Vermont nonprofit the Center on Rural Innovation and its sister organization, Rural Innovation Strategies Inc. The U.S. Economic Development Administration, part of the Commerce Department, is also supporting the initiative, Anna Hensel reports for Venture Beat.

CORI is looking for communities that will be most likely to succeed, such as those that have access to high-speed broadband, are located in a New Market Tax credit census tract or an Opportunity Zone so developers can get tax breaks, access to a nearby university or community college, and a nonprofit willing to help, Hensel reports. Interested communities must apply by January.

The communities selected for the initiative will then get help in creating a development strategy to bring in more digital and knowledge-economy jobs and show them ways to apply for funding, Hensel reports. Click here to learn more and apply.

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UK Smallholdings said...

UK is just waking up to the opportunities of developing digital enterprise in rural areas. One of the biggest limitations has been the availability and consistency of rural broadband which was meant to be delivered by BT. Rural property owners, residents are often resorting to satellite broadband which has data limits. However, if this can be overcome along with accessibility and affordability of housing people will want to relocate and retrain!