Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Buttegieg, Warren release rural health plans; Daily Yonder launches Democratic candidate rural policy tracker

Pete Buttegieg
Democratic presidential candidates Pete Buttegieg and Elizabeth Warren have released rural health care plans; here's the gist:

Buttegieg's plan would include "Medicare for All Who Want It"—a public option, basically— and increase subsidies for Obamacare exchange plans. It would also expand the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program and increase Medicare reimbursement rates for providers in under-served areas, and extend the amount of time certain foreign doctors can work in the U.S. "The plan also addresses mental health addiction and maternal mortality. It invests in telehealth and attempts to tackle health disparities across rural communities," Brianna Ehley reports for Politico.

The plan "closely mirrors that of other Democratic presidential candidates, including Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposals on reimbursement, telehealth and workforce disparities, and Sen. Michael Bennet’s call for . . . new payment policies to tackle social determinants of health," Inside Health Policy reports.

Elizabeth Warren
Warren's plan would increase the Federal Trade Commission's authority to block big hospital mergers, which she says decrease competition. Her plan also calls for increased funding to fight the opioid epidemic, expanded student-loan forgiveness programs, more community-health and birthing centers, improved transportation to rural hospitals, and increased Medicare reimbursement for rural hospitals. She also wants increased broadband access in rural areas for telemedicine, Chelsea Cirruzzo reports for Inside Health Policy.

The Daily Yonder has just launched a page to help you keep track of Democratic presidential candidates' promises about rural policy. Click here to read it.

The Rural Blog reports major statements by presidential candidates about rural policy.

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