Friday, November 01, 2019

Quick hits: Cricket burgers; fewer children have health insurance; EPA shunts blame for FOIA policy

Here's a roundup of stories with rural resonance; if you do or see similar work that should be shared on The Rural Blog, email us at

The next wave of plant-based "meat" could have an unexpected ingredient: crickets. Read more here.

The Environmental Protection Agency is blaming an advisory board's recommendations for part of its controversial new Freedom of Information Act policy. Read more here.

The number of children with no health insurance continued climbing in 2018, especially among the lower-middle class in states that didn't expand Medicaid. Read more here.

A rural hospital CEO is tapping into people's desire to "buy local" in order to help his hospital stay afloat. Read more here.

As rural pharmacies close, Western states seek a solution. Read more here.

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