Thursday, April 30, 2009

Camelina oilseeds could be used to make jet fuel

There is hope that the plant camelina can be used to make jet biofuel. The oilseed crop could be used to cut greenhouse gas emissions by up to 84 percent. It grows particularly well in the Northern Plains states. (Montana state photo)

But despite all its promise, farmers have not been won over by camelina. "The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that Montana plantings of the biofuels crop camelina fell by almost half last year to 12,200 acres," reports The Billings Gazette. "The crop, which grows well in Montana's dry climate because it needs little water, has been promoted as an ideal source of plant oils needed to make alternative fuels."

The Gazette points out that the 46 percent decline in 2008 was most likely because farmers were unwilling to convert their fields to the crop when wheat prices were at record highs. (Read more)

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Farms are for food! Biofuels are for biofools! Read on, to your heart's content: