Friday, May 30, 2014

N.C. getting law to encourage drilling and fracking, make disclosure of fracking chemicals a crime

A North Carolina bill that would make it a crime to disclose trade secrets related to hydraulic fracturing passed the state House and Senate Thursday and now goes before Republican Gov. Pat McCrory, who is expected to sign it into law, Mike Lee reports for EnergyWire.

"The Energy Modernization Act originally would have made it a felony to disclose fracking chemicals," Lee writes. "The state Senate had already reduced that to a misdemeanor" before passing it 33-12; the bill passed the House by 64-50. (Read more)

Fracking permits could be issued beginning in the spring of 2015, Bruce Henderson reports for the Charlotte Observer. "Democrats fought in vain to add provisions on air emissions, drilling-worker housing, disposal of fracking wastes and public disclosure of fracking chemicals. They debated at length a part of the bill that calls for further study of 'forced pooling' in which the property of unwilling owners can be tapped." That is common in major oil and gas states.

McCrory, who praised the bill, said in a statement: “We have sat on the sidelines as a state for far too long on gas exploration and having North Carolina create jobs and also help with our country’s energy independence. Instead we are pumping in natural gas from other states. So we are all using that natural gas, but for whatever reason we are thinking if we do it here, it’s wrong, but if we take it from someplace else, it’s right. That’s very hypocritical.” (Read more)

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