Monday, April 13, 2015

Supreme Court ruling could cost 8.3 million people health insurance subsidies

The Supreme Court's ruling on a case regarding federal health reform subsidies could have major implications on states that use federally run health exchange programs, Ana Swanson reports for The Washington Post. If the Supreme Court rules that the Affordable Care Act does not allow for states using federally run exchanges to receive subsidies, about 8.3 million people may have to go without health insurance.

States that run their own exchanges would not be impacted by the ruling, at least initially, Swanson writes. Proponents of Obamacare believe that striking subsidies from states that use federal run health care exchange programs would make health care unaffordable for many people and undermine the ACA altogether. (Washington Center for Equitable Growth map: Green states expanded Medicaid. Brown ones did not. For an interactive version of the map click here)

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