Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Romney, Kasich show respect for journalism; Kasich has advice: Do interesting stories, disdain 'clicks for hits'

After decades of abuse from politicians, especially in recent years, respect and regard from them is especially welcome. Mitt Romney, running for senator from Utah, paid tribute to journalism over the weekend, as related on Twitter by Garrett Haake of NBC News. And another Republican who doesn't care for President Trump had similar thoughts at this month's Michigan Press Association convention, as reported by Kevin Slimp on his State Of Newspapers site.

"Of all the speeches given by all the politicians at press conventions I attended this year, the best, in my humble opinion, was given by Gov. John Kasich of Ohio," Slimp writes. "There was something different about this guy. He spoke of his previous stint as a journalist."

“Something I might do again after I leave office,” Kasich said. (He hosted "Heartland with John Kasich" on Fox News from 2001 to 2007.)

"He had no prepared speech. No notes," Slimp reports, "He jumped right in, immediately discussing the importance of journalism and a free press.

“Journalism isn’t about clicks for hits,” Kasich said. “If it is, I’m not interested.”

Gov. John Kasich speaks at Michigan Press Association meeting
"He spoke of the need to get back to increased investigative reporting," Slimp reports. "He talked of giving the reader something worth reading. According to Kasich, it’s about the story.  Speaking of writing a new future for newspapers, he forcefully said, 'This industry will be saved by writing interesting stories.' Honestly, I don’t get excited about politicians. I guess I’ve just met too many of them in my time. But I couldn’t hold my enthusiasm any longer."

So Slimp shouted, “That’s right!” Kasich turned, pointed at me, and yelled, “You and me. We’re on the same side!”

Slimp concludes, "I long for the day when everyone in my industry has the same passion for journalism as John Kasich expressed in May in Lansing, Michigan."

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