Thursday, July 05, 2018

Best practices for newsrooms to keep journalists safe

In the wake of last week's deadly shooting at the Capital-Gazette in Annapolis, it's natural and advisable to worry about the safety of your own newsroom. To that end, the American Society of News Editors and the Associated Press Media Editors have compiled a two-page list of best safety practices for newsrooms for before, during, and after a dangerous event such as a shooting. Click here to read it.

The list advises newsrooms to do such things as: consider installing cameras at each newsroom entrance, having a secure door that locks, scheduling an active shooter training session, and more.

During an active shooter event, journalists are encouraged to try to communicate with police silently by means of texting or social media, don't hide in groups, and silence all electronic devices.

After an attack, staffers should keep hands visible and empty so they don't get confused with the shooter and help get injured people to safety. Managers are encouraged to be role models for self-care and keep the staff as informed as possible.

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