Saturday, November 17, 2007

Writer says Robertson should note harm done by Giuliani clients: OxyContin makers

Columnist Don McNay writes in The Richmond (Ky.) Register and other newspapers that he was surprised at televangelist Pat Robertson's endorsement of Rudy Giuliani for president, but not because "Rudolph's multiple marriage lifestyle does not jibe with Robertson's philosophies. I was stunned at the endorsement because Rudolph Giuliani was the lawyer who kept the makers of Oxycontin out of jail." For a Washington Post report on Giuliani's legal work for Purdue Pharma, click here.

McNay continues, "I am willing to bet that Pat Robertson has never even heard of Oxycontin and doesn't know about Giuliani's involvement. The mainstream media spend a lot of time talking about Rudolph's multiple marriages, and his friend who got indicted. They've ignored how Giuliani made his living. Helping a company that sold addictive drugs is worse than being married a few times. Each issue is a reflection of a person's character but Rudolph's divorces and affairs only hurt him and his immediate family. Oxycontin has hurt thousands of families. . . .

"Giuliani's post-mayoral career has gotten scant attention and the horrors of Oxycontin has been felt primarily in rural states, like Kentucky. Rudolph may march to the presidency, with Pat Robertson by his side, winning urban states and never having to atone for his part in the Oxycontin story. If Rev. Robertson wants to have an impact on society, he could come to Kentucky. He could visit and see the wasted lives, the wrecked families and the absolute pain that the Oxycontin has caused." (Read more)

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