Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama should reach out to poor, white, aging and rural (PWAR) communities, says Kentucky writer

President Obama needs to live up to his "uniter" reputation and reach out to poor, white, aging and rural communities, Sylvia Lovely, executive director of the Kentucky League of Cities and the New Cities Institute, says in an article for She lumps such communities under the acronym PWAR.

These communities face challenges that seem to clash with the new administration's goals. "What happens to the fortunes of the regions – the South in particular – in the new order?" Lovely asks. "Will the battle of red versus blue gain new ground or will other rivalries and labels rise up? Will a region whose economy revolves around coal have a chance in a 'new green world?'" Also hurting PWAR communities, Lovely writes, are stereotypical media portrayals.

PWAR places have faced economic hardships even during otherwise prosperous times, but Lovely says the current economic crisis presents the president with a unique opportunity to recognize the optimism and determination of residents of these communities and to include them in his plan to boost the American economy and way of life. (Read more)

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Anonymous said...

I am an African American male. I am also a Democrat. I believe that everything you pointed out is correct.

You all need to send someone to the White House or email the President's website. I believe Obama will do all he can to help.

I am a black guy from Mississippi. And I know a lot of white, racist individuals. Yet, that has not thwarted my desire to help all of those who are poor, and that includes poor whites. I really don't care if they are Republican or Democrat. But, I do care that they know that there are black people who care about the plight of poor whites.

I'll be getting my MBA in the next couple of years. And a place like Kentucky is somewhere I wouldn't mind using my talents and abilities; however, I don't want to be treated with hostility and resentment if I do decide to locate to a place like Kentucky. I just want to help people in need. I don't care what there race happens to be.