Friday, October 31, 2014

Rural graduates less likely to attend post-secondary institute than urban peers

Urban high school graduates are more likely than urban graduates to attend a post-secondary institution, according to a National Student Clearinghouse Research Center study, The Rural School and Community Trust reports. This applies regardless of the demographics of the high schools they attended. However, of those who attended low-income/high-minority schools, only approximately half continued their education after high school.

The following chart shows the percentages of students who attended college immediately following high school with no gap year. Graduates who went to high income, low minority and suburban schools "had the highest college enrollment rate. Seventy three percent of students who graduated from these high schools in 2013 enrolled in college immediately after high school graduation.
College enrollment rates in the first fall after high school
graduation, class of 2013,  public non-charter schools
According to past research, high school context variables not only influence whether or not students decide to continue their education but also continue to affect outcomes throughout college if they choose to attend. "School-based resources are especially important for students from families in which no adults have attended college," according to the report.

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