Monday, June 25, 2018

Dicamba once again injuring non-dicamba tolerant crops in 2018; article provides state-level estimates

Dicamba is once again injuring soybeans and other non-dicamba tolerant crops in 2018. University of Missouri scientists have estimated that, as of June 15, about 383,000 acres of soybeans have been injured so far, out of an estimated 89 million acres of soybeans planted, according to University of Missouri Extension weeds specialist Kevin Bradley.

Last year dicamba damaged about 3.6 million acres of soybeans out of 89.5 million acres planted , Gil Gullickson reports for Successful Farming.

"Of the 15 state departments of agriculture that responded to this request for information, only 43 cases of alleged injury are currently under investigation in soybeans, says Bradley. However, the incidents and cases of off-target movement of dicamba to specialty crops, vegetables, ornamental species, and trees seems to be more prevalent this year compared with last season. They constitute some 111 of the remaining cases under investigation," Successful Farming reports.

Here is the soybean injury by acres reported in individual states; no other soybean injury from dicamba was reported in the rest of the states that report that information.
  • Arkansas 100,000
  • Illinois: 150,000
  • Indiana: 5,000
  • Iowa: 1,200
  • Kansas: 100
  • Kentucky: 500
  • Nebraska: 40
  • Missouri: 25,000
  • Mississippi: 100,000
  • Tennessee: 2,000

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