Friday, June 29, 2018

Local grocery closes, so restaurant offers fresh produce

Hudson Barbecue owner Dan Hudson's stock of fresh produce. (Photo courtesy of Dan Hudson)
The last grocery store closed down two years ago in rural Crawford County, just west of Macon, Ga. Though locals bought some food at the Dollar General store, it carried no fresh produce. That's when Dan Hudson stepped in, selling extra produce at his barbecue restaurant. "With the next closest grocery store 30 minutes away, Hudson felt bad for elderly folks who couldn’t make the drive, as well as people with low incomes," Johnny Kauffman reports for Atlanta's WABE.

Hudson told the station that he gets fruits and vegetables from a wholesaler and sells them for very little profit. With the nearest grocery store 30 minutes away, he wanted locals, especially the elderly and those with low incomes, to have a source of fresh produce. "If you go that far, you want to make it worth your while, and you want to buy a month’s worth of food. Some people can’t afford that all at one time," he told Kauffman. Read more here.

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