Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Farm weddings become popular; caution advised

A new trend is emerging in agri-tourism, and is getting coverage in national news. The New York Times reports that "farm weddings" are a growing business in some rural areas.

Mireya Navarro writes, "Weddings held at farms are not exactly new, but just as the wine craze decades ago sparked a vineyard wedding industry, the green crusade, with its emphasis on organic and local products, seems to be spurring interest in farms as the ideal venue for vows." The lower costs associated with farming venues, along with a more relaxed atmosphere, also make this an attractive option for some brides and grooms. On the farmers' side, it provides an additional source of income.

But Barbara Berst Adams, author of The New Agritourism: Hosting Community and Tourists on Your Farm, warns that farmers need to be well informed before entering the wedding business. "Crowds can sometimes surprise farmers new to agritourism," she says, "People need bathrooms, first-aid kits and a place for trash. City kids don’t seem to know the goats aren’t video games — they can bite back. And liability coverage for both the bride and groom and the farmer really are issues that need to have been dealt with ahead of time." (Read more)

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River Ridge Ranch said...

We "farm" hay and grass-fed beef and also host about 20 weddings a year. while it is a bit of a juggle, I advise prospective brides and grooms to do a thorough tour, ask tons of questions about weather contingencies, insects, backup plans and do sign a contract.
Gary, River Ridge Ranch
Springville, CA