Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bill Clinton tells foundations their philanthropy in rural America is 'woefully inadequate'

Foundations' help for rural America is "woefully inadequate," but rural advocates need to make better arguments to get more foundation help, former President Bill Clinton said today at a conference on rural philanthropy at his library in Little Rock, sponsored by the Council on Foundations.

Clinton said the national poverty rate can't be reduced without focusing on rural development, and suggested that alternative energy, anti-obesity and reforestation programs should be included in the mix. "We can beat up on people and say they should give more money in rural America, but we should give them some new ideas," he said, adding that rural and urban charities should find ways to cooperate.

Andrew DeMillo of The Associated Press reports: "The 42nd president, who was born in Hope and raised in Hot Springs, said that he believed that charities that work in rural areas should find more ways to work with charities that work in urban areas. When asked about the state of rural areas, Clinton said that charities in those areas should find ways to create hope for the people living there." (Read more)

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i wish he was still president
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