Wednesday, May 28, 2014

'World's oldest living paperboy' stays young at heart by delivering family's weekly in Northern California

The small town of Winters, Calif., is home to 94-year-old Newt Wallace who has had a hand in the local weekly newspaper, the Winters Express, since he bought it in 1947. Nearly 70 years, later the Wallace family stills own the paper, and Newt, who retired as publisher in 1983, continues to work for the company, as the world's "oldest living paperboy," Greg Trott reports for The Reporter in Vacaville. (Trott photo: Wallace taking a break during his weekly deliveries)
"He doesn't take a long break on the bench," Trott writes. "In fact, he is constant motion, dropping off papers to Main Street businesses at a furious pace, rarely stopping to chat to town folk who call out 'Hi, Newt!' as soon as he opens the door," Trott writes. "If no one greets him, he'll announce 'It's the paperboy.' It's sounds strange to hear a 94-year-old refer to himself as a 'boy.'"

But "paperboy is a bit too casual of a title for Newt," Trott writes. "This man has lunched in the White House with John F. Kennedy, corresponded with presidents Truman, Nixon, Ford, Clinton, Bush No. 1 and on and on. He was the youngest president of the California Newspaper Publishers Association. He even had the honor of riding with Humphrey Bogart in an elevator in 1952, except Newt didn't think it was an honor," mainly because he didn't recognize the actor and mistook him for a gangster.

For now, Newt has no plans to retire. His son, Charley, who now runs the paper, told Trott, "When he was 75, he was thinking of retiring. I told him, 'Show me three of your friends that are retired and still alive.'" Since then, Newt has remained active, delivering his weekly papers and talking to old and new friends around town. (Read more)

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