Friday, September 26, 2014

Local official suggests potholes as a way to slow down speeders on rural Vermont roads

In an attempt to find ways to curb speeding on dangerous roads in rural Vermont, one town official suggested a solution that is not going over well with residents—potholes. Westford (Wikipedia map) Selectboard Member Alex Weinhagen sent out a survey asking if potholes should be used as a speed deterrent, with 70 percent of respondents shooting down the idea, Lynn Monty reports for the Burlington Free Press.

Weinhagen told Monty, “More law enforcement, signage, speed carts, speed bumps and putting off pothole repair are all ideas that small Vermont towns toss around. The idea is not that far out there. Some people are willing to deal with rougher roads if it would deter drivers.

Westford does not have a police department, which is one of the reasons many fear that drivers ignored posted speed limits, Monty writes. Construction has also forced many drivers off main roads, increasing traffic on back roads. (Read more)

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