Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Va. mountain county requires residents to pay for sewer service if a line runs past their home

One of the more controversial things a rural government can do is force residents to pay for a service even if they don't use it. But in the case of sewer service, that step is often necessary to prevent water pollution and keep the government eligible for federal and state aid for sewers. And after a failed attempt to pass a mandatory sewer ordinance two years ago, Wise County, Virginia, put one on the books this week.

The county commissioners acted in the face of continued opposition. "James Neeley of Powell Valley told supervisors Thursday night that his septic tank works just fine, and that it’s unfair to ask people on a fixed income to pay fees for something they’re not using," reports Jodi Deal of The Coalfield Progress in Norton. For her story, click here. (Subscription may be required)

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