Wednesday, March 31, 2010

North Carolina getting more passenger trains

North Carolina, which had more rural residents than any other state but Texas in the 2000 census, is also blessed with several passenger railroad routes, and one of them is about to get more traffic. On June 5, a state agency will add a third daily train between the state's two largest cities, Charlotte and Raleigh, "leaving each city at midday," reports Bruce Siceloff of the News & Observer in Raleigh. "North Carolina recently won $545 million in federal stimulus grants to beef up and speed up the state's passenger rail service. Plans include faster trip times and more frequent trains, with the scheduled addition in 2012 of a fourth daily round-trip" between Charlotte and Raleigh. (Amtrak map)


Anonymous said...

According to 2000 Census numbers, Texas had the largest rural population at 3,647,539 compared to North Carolina at 3,199,831

TX (link:

NC (link:

Al Cross said...

Thanks. It's fixed. Perhaps I thought, subliminally, that Texas had seceded again.