Friday, March 15, 2013

Census data on rural population gets into the news

Many local news media are picking up on the Census Bureau report we noted yesterday showing that more than a third of U.S. counties, mostly rural, are losing population.

In Nebraska 64 of 93 counties experienced a decline of population, reports Brent Martin of Nebraska Radio Network. Forty-two counties experienced more deaths than births in 2012. While rural Nebraska keeps shrinking, urban Nebraska is growing, he writes.

Oregon has seen similar results, reports Elliot Njus of The Oregonian. The Portland metro area population grew 1.3 percent from 2011 and 2.9 percent since the 2010 census. Njus writes that five rural counties of each lost more than 1 percent of population and all recorded more deaths than births, and more people moving out than moving in.

Michael H. O'Donnell of the Idaho State Journal reports that over 5,600 more people moved out of the state's 33 rural counties than moved in. He writes that 28 of them experienced net domestic outmigration.

The Census Bureau report is available on the agency website.

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