Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Conference examines ways to improve Central Appalachian economy without relying solely on coal

Finding new sources of non-coal-related income and jobs for families in Eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia was the focus of last weekend's Appalachia’s Bright Future Conference, held in Harlan, Ky.  The three-day event focused on workshops, presentations and discussion on the economic future of the region, Joe Asher reports for the Harlan Daily Enterprise.

“Our coal industry is pretty down right now,” said Carl Shoupe, of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. “If you study the industry, you can see that there’s some coal left here, but it’s not economically feasible for these coal companies to mine this coal at the present time, and it might not be in the near future.” (Read more) For background on the conference, go here.

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