Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Reality show seeking family of ranchers with 'big, strong personalities' and 'great and unique looks'

Reality television continues to dig deep into the well of rural American stereotypes. This time around, a proposed reality show is in the process of trying to re-create the wild west in a modern setting. "Orion Entertainment says it’s looking for a family with at least three kids 'that are all great looking cowboys and cowgirls' who work in 'stunning ranches with diverse terrain and challenges," Tim Marema reports for the Daily Yonder. "Those challenges might include 'chasing grizzlies and wolves away from cattle.'” (Still from the Orion show "Wyoming's Call of the Wild")

Orion's ad says, “Members of the family and staff should have fun hobbies and skills like [the ability to sing], play the guitar or harmonica, write and recite poetry, cook the best BBQ in the county, make their own clothes, raise bees or have wild animals as pets, raise bulls, or be an aspiring bull rider or rodeo participant. ... All members of the family need to have big, strong personalities with great and unique looks. We’re looking for dynamic, engaging and uninhibited families that live the lifestyle.”

Orion didn't respond to an interview request from the Yonder, but it doesn't have a history of using reality shows to laugh at rural America, Marema writes. "For example, Orion's “Nightmare Build Rescue” features a builder who helps get construction projects back on track. “Wyoming's Call of the Wild” introduces young people to outdoor sporting activities and was produced with Wyoming's Game and Fish Department." (Read more) To read the casting call for the show click here.

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